Theme Park: Week 3 – Ice, ice baby


This is the first blog post for our Theme Park project
so introductions are in order.

I’m part of Team Hush Hush which consists of:

David Crosson – Lead Game
Emil Christenson – Lead Teach/Lead Sound
Nayomi Arvell – Lead Art
Gabriel Ajuwa – Lead Code
Kim Gripenberg – Programmer
Eva Sokolova – Producer

Together we’re working on a project called Save the Penguins!


The premise is:
Global warming sucks! Especially for a certain family of penguins who’ve now been left homeless with a long and perilous journey ahead. Luckily, you can help! You can place out ice for the penguins to walk on and then tip their world to make them slide. Be watchful however, there are plenty of hazards on the way – as well as some tasty rewards! Can you get all of your penguins safe and sound to their new home?

We develop the game for an Android tablet and use the gyroscope and touch-screen for input. The player will touch the screen to create ice or manipulate obstacles and tilt the screen to make the penguins slide.

So what have we done so far? We have:

  • Outlined a concept document (and changed the majority of it since).
  • Created a project plan and a product backlog.
  • Created a Style Guide for the artists and a code plan for the programmers.
  • Started working on a prototype, basic art assets and animations.
  • Started implementing the features necessary for our Alpha demonstration.

The game is played from a 2.5D view and the ice is based on a hexagonal grid, so some of the assets look like this:


We wanted to combine a childish, outlined style for the penguins with a more painted look for the assets.
A quick mockup of what it might look like:


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