3D-I Character turnaround and other things.

For our next 3D Assignment (character creation, yay!) we first have to create a pre-production package (which means concept art! Drawing! 2D!). The character had to be reasonably humanoid, not too detailed and stylized. So I came up with this cool chick:


(Not entirely sure about the colour scheme yet). She’s Mojo and she’s supposed to be the chemistry whiz in a 3D platforming game where you play a kid detective, “Codename: Kids Next Door” style. (It’s a work in progress…) Hopefully the concept works for the assignment. It was so much fun to linework again and design for a cartoony style. When I haven’t been doing stuff for school I’ve been trying to work on colours and values so it was nice to step back and put everything into gesture, silhouette, simplifying shapes, overlap and all that lovely jazz we spent much time on during Life Drawing.

I forgot about the action pose-shot we had to do so I quickly threw together the picture below. Since I already had what I needed for the model from the turnaround I gave the action pose a little more “schwung”.


I’m still behind on the second assignment for 3D2 but I’ll crunch it out during this weekend. I chose to step back and redo the top part and arches because it was turning into a clusterduck. Everything is much cleaner now, the half-sewn in/half overlap is gone and now all the separate parts overlap cleanly (as I had planned in the beginning but somehow lost along the way. Don’t model when sleep-deprived kids!). The silhouette also looks closer to the reference material. What’s still lacking are the details on the top to cover up and with around 1000 500 triangles left to spare, that should work out fine.


Below is the final version of the model. Luckily there were few construction errors to fix and it clocked in at a nice 2973 triangles out of the 3000 triangle limit.


On a final note, what’s happening outside of schoolwork are mainly two things. For one, working on getting my painting skills up to a decent level. This is what I’m currently working on and I think as far as as skintones and staging go, this one is the best I’ve managed to make yet. Hopefully there will be time to finish it soon.


The other thing is that I and a friend signed up for King’s release of their Defold Editor to work on a 2D title for mobile! It’s going to be awesome.

That’s all for now!

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