Summertime 3D-fun The conclusion

After laying around on ice for a long while after the modeling was wrapped up a number of months ago I finally got back to it and gave it some well-needed UV:s and textures! The normal map took a couple of rebakes but I found a compromise between either too hard edges or having gradients in my normal map that took care of some annoying artifacts (which probably could have been avoided by paying closer attention to topology and especially triangles way back when I modeled the base shapes and focus on quadflow rather than squeezing down the polycount but live, learn, do better next time).

Getting the generators and curvature map to work my way in Substance Painter was also something of a struggle but the more educational for it.

The end phase was a nice opportunity to try out Marmoset Toolbag to get some nice renders of the model as well as do some photocompositing in Photoshop.

Below is the link to the Sketchfab model:




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